• Energy healing can be sent anywhere because it is energy, and energy is not limited by time or distance.     

  • How is this possible?  Because we're are all connected by energy.  This is a phenomenon called "Nonlocality.  If this is hard to wrap your mind around, you're not alone.  It's quantum physics.  

  • Current scientific studies are proving this, which boggles the mind of scientists.  Yet, as much as they try, they can't dispute it.  Einstein knew this, and he called it "Spooky action at a distance."  The Spooky Action Phenomenon was recently featured on NPR's "Science Friday":  http://www.sciencefriday.com/segments/in-the-quantum-world-physics-gets-philosophical/  

  • "Over the past few decades, physicists have discovered a phenomenon that operates outside the confines of space and time.  The phenomenon of  nonlocality-the  ability of two particles to act in harmony across the vastness of  space-appears  to be almost magical.  More recently, the mystery has deepened as other forms of nonlocality have turned up.  This strange occurrence...holds the potential to undermine our most basic understanding of physical reality.  If space isn't what we thought it was, then what is it?" http://spookyactionbook.com 

  • What does Nonlocality mean?  It means when you take action on a particle in one part of the planet, the particle in another part demonstrates an identical response.  Just like those particles, when energy therapists channel healing energy, they can send it to another person in another part of the world, and the person will receive the healing energy at the exact same moment.  That's Non-Locality.  It means that the two don't have to be in the same location to influence each other energetically.

I loved my session with her so much, I was telling my husband how incredible it was. He was so intrigued he decided to get healing treatments from her also. We both go weekly and feel incredible. She is truly gifted. Andi 


I have suffered from anxiety issues for most of my life. Since completing the Reiki attunement and level 1 class, I haven’t needed any anti-anxiety medication.  John 


After the session, I noticed that the pain from my ovarian cyst was gone!  I didn't know how I was going to function for the next 2 weeks waiting for my doctor's appointment, but I am still pain free and overjoyed!

THANK YOU Jess!!! Ellen


As a practitioner of therapeutic modalities myself, I am choosy of who I allow to work with my energy on such deep levels. I left the session feeling like I had a newfound sense of inspiration and guidance. It was exactly what I needed at the time. Zach 


Before Reiki, I suffered from depression, anxiety, and some other things that were brought on from my emotions like high blood pressure.  Now life is so peaceful, and I no longer take any meds.  Chasity 


I had an amazing session with Jessica I came to her session a little hesitant and confused. I left a better person, I had the most profound experience with her. She is an amazing woman a true gift in this world. Duan 


My journey in trying to find an alternative to anxiety without prescriptions, relief in my back, etc. led me to Jessica. It was, simply, the answer.  Mary 


I took Jess's Reiki class hoping to learn a few skills to help with my anxiety and panic disorder.  I now feel a sense of peace in a way I never thought I could.  Val

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